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151 age 90 years, 2 months, 1 day

Wife of George V Thacher

Mother of Mrs. Charles Boswell

bio per Albany Rural Cemetery Burial Cards, 1791-2011

Plot: Lot 61, sec 69 
King, Frances Louise (I118076)
152 age 95 years 11 months 6 days Strickland, Charles W. (I108269)
153 age about 17/18 Thacher, Frederick Augustus (I115235)
154 age: 57 yrs, 6 mos, 18 dys
cause of death: Consumption
occupation: Carpenter 
Hallett, John (I108741)
155 Aged 20 years 10 months. Daughter of James and Mary A. Bursley. Died of consumption. Bursley, Carrie E. (I120466)
156 Aged 22 yrs. 5 mos. 10 days.

Daughter of Lothrop & Mercy Thacher.

Married to Ezra Howes Killey [born July 23, 1839; son of Zadok and Huldah Killey] on Dec. 28, 1865 in Dennis, MA. After Ella's death, he married 2nd to Elisabeth B. Underwood on May 8, 1873 in Harwich, MA. 
Thacher, Ella Data (I110518)
157 Aged 26 yrs.
Married to Nehemiah N. Hinckley on Dec. 8, 1856 in Yarmouth, MA.
Daughter of Edward and Lydia Thacher.
Died of consumption.  
Thacher, Lydia Gray (I104084)
158 aged 35 years and 4 months Howland, Abigail (Nabby) Thacher (I104323)
159 aged 36y, died in Pasadena, Cal. Thatcher, Henry Anthony (I109908)
160 Aged 45 years.
Married to Hitty Davis on April 29, 1804.

Helen b. 1804
John Taylor b. 1806
Louisa Augusta b. 1808
Lucy Gorham b. 1810 d. 1831
Edward Gorham b. 1812
Edward Gorham b. 1815
Louisa b. 1817 d. 1818
Abigail b. 1821
Amanda Delano b. 1823
Jennett b. 1825 d. 1826
Robert b. 1827 
Davis, Dr. Ansel (I108068)
161 aged 46 years Thacher, Rodolphus (I104508)
162 Aged 59 years when died Tappen, Christopher or Christoffel (I1096)
163 Aged 65 years, 5 months.
Daughter of Rev. Rowland Thacher and Abigail Crocker.

Married to David Nye on March 7, 1771 in Wareham, MA.  
Thacher, Desire (I100896)
164 Aged 69 years.

Married Oct. 3, 1745.

Elizabeth b. 1746 d. 1747
Elizabeth b. 1748
Jean (Jane) b. 1750
Patience b. 1752
Desire b. 1754
Joseph b. 1757
Robert b. 1760
Hannah b. 1762
James b. 1767 
Davis, James (I105338)
165 AGED 7 YEARS Newcomb, Alene (I120347)
166 Aged 79 year 2 mos Stebbins, Emily (I108185)
167 Aged 81 years, 9 months & 17 days
Wife of Capt. Daniel Baker 
Thacher, Sukey Snow (I104042)
168 Aged 85 years, 11 months & 12 days
Husband of Sukey Snow Baker

Daniel's parents were:

Captain Isaiah Baker
1771 ? 1854

Mary Molly Burgess
1787 ? 1861

Daniel married Sukey Snow Thacher on Jan 28 1845 in Dennis, Massachusetts.

Their children were:

Jarius Henry Baker
1846 ? 1913

Benjamin Thacher Baker
1848 ? 1940

Mary Thacher Baker (Witt)
1852 ? 1943

Note regarding the grave marker:

This marker looks different depending on which side you approach it. On one side it is inscribed BAKER while the other side shows WITT. They are all related as can be seen via the links provided below. Primarily this is a Baker family plot. One daughter married a Witt.

Enter the main gate; proceed through first intersection; 6 lots up on the left (Lot #71) is this BAKER / WITT family stone. Info by S. Walker 8/7/2014. 
Baker, Capt. Daniel (I104043)
169 Aged 89 years Fowler, Fanny (I106225)
170 aged: 8 ms 8 dys Allbee, Allice Lillian (I116559)
171 Alabama Civil War Records indicate that he served in the 5th Alabma Infantry, Co. A and was wounded on May 31, 1862 and send to Petersburg Hospital and in 1863 he was detailed for hospital duty, in Petersburg, Virginia.

1870 census-- W.H. H. Jackson is living with Benjamin Petty [bn NY]-- Petty was first m. to an aunt of W.H. H. .Jackson and then to a cousin of his. B.F. Petty Jr. is same age as W.H. H. .Jackson-- B.F Jr. died in 1870. 
Jackson, William H. H. (I113995)
172 Albany Rural Cemetery Burial Cards, 1791-2011
age 77 years, 5 months, 12 days

Son of George Hornell and Ursula Blyd Thacher

Husband of Emma Louise Bennett Thacher

Father of Thomas O., John Boyd 2nd, George H., Edwin and Kenneth Thacher

bio per Albany Rural Cemetery Burial Cards, 1791-2011
Thacher, George Hornell 2nd (I118069)
173 Albert Thacher was Proprietor of a dry and fancy goods store in Chatham, MA Thacher, Albert (I104151)
174 Alford Augustus Thacher
b. 18 July 1815 to James Thacher and Susannah Thacher (Susannah is a second cousin of James)
m. 05 Sep 1843 Susan Baker in Providence, RI.
They had four children: Mary, Samuel, James, Alford.
A. A. was a Fourty-niner traveling with his brother, Prentis, by ship to Panama, riding a mule across the isthmus and then again by ship to San Francisco, CA in 1850. While on the way up the west coast, he was involved in a mutiny and sided with the captain who finally won. He also was put over the side of the ship in a bosun's chair to repair a hole in the hull from running aground in fog. He was a ships carpenter in RI and in SF built bowling alleys, saloons, stores, brothels, etc. He was to meet his brother back in SF in 1855 but Prentis never appeared and has never been heard from again. Alford carried his gold dust sewn into his clothing back to RI and then bought the 200 acre farm in Zenda, WI where he lived for the rest of his life.
d. 5 Oct. 1890 several days after a farming accident.
The Herald, Lake Geneva, WI Oct. 10,1890 "Internment Thursday afternoon, October 7, 1890." 
Thacher, Alford Augustus (I103774)
175 Alford Augustus Thacher was a son of Alford Augustus Thacher and Susan Baker, he married Mary Frances Hill on 08 Sep 1886, they had two children: Frederick Bowen Thacher 1887 - 1984, and Arthur Royce Thacher 1889 - 1959. They divorced 16 Oct 1896 at Ottawa, LaSalle Co., IL. Alford married second Margaret Jane Nelson (1870 - 1924) on 03 Mar 1897, they had four children: Alfred Nelson Thacher 1899 - 1899, an unnamed daughter, Alice Erma Thacher 1905 - 1977, and Alfred Harold Thacher 1908 - 1931. Alfred married third Annie Barker Marlow 1876 - 1954. No issue. Alford and his father Alford both went by Alfred all their lives. Thacher, Alford Augustus (I114789)
176 Alfred Ayers Thacher is son of Oliver Noble Thacher and Hannah L Ayers/Ayres of Philadelphia.

Alfred enlisted to serve in the Civl War on 3 Oct 1861 at the age of 13. He was a drummer in Company K, PA 99th Infantry Regiment. On 24 Aug 1863 he enlisted in the US Navy and, according to 1st cousin Frederick Thacher, was a page to Admiral David Farragut, who was in charge of the Union blockade of the Southern ports.

After the war, Alfred continued his career in the U.S. Marines (rank: musician) until retiring in 1893.

Alfred was briefly married to Laura Lee V Mariner, whose father and brother were seamen in Baltimore. They were married on 8 Sep 1876 in Philadelphia; by 1888 Laura had remarried (John H Nash of Baltimore).

In 1894 Alfred went west to California and lived near his eldest brother Oliver Weld Noble Thacher, also a US Marine in the Civil War, who had married and settled in Kern County in the 1870s. In the 1900 US census, Alfred is in Fresno, listed as divorced, a retired marine. By 1910 he is living in Sawtelle, again near his brother Oliver and family.

Alfred died in Sawtelle and is buried in the Sawtelle Veterans Cemetery, now the Los Angeles National Cemetery.

Sources: Totten's Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy, U.S. Censuses, U.S. Marine Corps Muster Rolls, etc.

Note: The majority of records found are with the surname spelled "Thatcher", so that may be how Alfred spelled it. Also, the middle name is sometimes spelled "Ayres". 
Thacher, Alfred Ayers (I109049)
177 Alfred Beaumont Thacher was a lawyer;"Simpson-Thacher-Barnum-Bartlett"; he graduated Yale College 1874, living in South Orange, NJ 1907. Thacher, Alfred Beaumont (I115196)
178 Alfred Beaumont Thacher, B.A. 1874.

Born March 22, 1854, in New Haven, Conn
Died February 10, 1928, in South Orange, N J

Father, Thomas Anthony Thacher (B.A. 1835, LL.D. Western Reserve 1869), professor of Latin at Yale 1842-1886; son of Peter and Anne (Parks) Thacher; great-great-great-grandson of the Rev Thomas Thacher (Thatcher), who came from Salisbury, England, to Boston in 1635 and was the first minister of the Old South Church in that city. Mother, Elizabeth (Day) Thacher; daughter of President Jeremiah Day (B A. 1795) and Olivia (Jones) Day; descendant of Robert Day, who came from England to Cambridge, Mass , in 1634 and was later an original settler of Hartford, Conn. Yale relatives include: Stephen Thacher (B A 1795) (great-uncle); George Thacher, '40, and James M Thacher, '42 (uncles), James K. Thacher, '68, Thomas Thacher, '71, Edward S Thacher, '72, and John S. Thacher, '77 (brothers); Henry C Thacher, '02, Thomas D Thacher, '04, Thomas A Thacher, '08, Albert E Kent, '13, Thomas T. Kent, '15, William Kent, Jr., '17, George B Thacher, '25, Sherman Kent, '26, Anson S and John S. Thacher, both '27, and Roger Kent, '28 (nephews); and Thomas T. Sherman, '74 (cousin) Hopkins Grammar School Oration appointments Junior and Senior years, member Delta Kappa, Phi Theta Psi, Psi Upsilon, and Phi Beta Kappa; graduate member Wolf's Head. Studied in Yale Graduate School 1874-75; private tutor in Oakland, Calif., 1875-77; tutor at Yale 1877-79; studied law with Alexander & Green in New York City and subsequently practiced in that city, partner in firm of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett from 1905 until his retirement in 1923; member Association of the Bar of the City of New York

Married June 1, 1904, in Orange, N. J., Emma Cecelia, daughter of Cornelius and Mary (Beck) Erkenbrecher
Children Mary Day, Vassar 1928; Anne; and Alfred Beaumont, Jr
Death due to apoplexy.
Cremation took place and the ashes were buried in Rosedale Cemetery, Orange.

Survived by wife, two daughters, son, two half brothers, Sherman D Thacher, '83, and William L. Thacher, '87, and a sister, Elizabeth Thacher Kent, the widow of William Kent, '87
Thacher, Alfred Beaumont (I115196)
179 Alfred is the son of David Thacher, Jr ("The Squire") and Eunice Weld Noble of Philadelphia, PA. By the 1840 census, he had moved to Columbus MS where he established himself as a cotton merchant and grocer.

Alfred married Mary Elizabeth Hutton on 29 Nov 1848 on the Hutton estate in Clinton, Green Co, AL. In the 1860 census they were still in Columbus, MS with 5 children: William Hutton (1849), Orline (1851), Walter Noble (1852), Alfred Clarence (1858) and Ernest Milton (1859). (Daughter Marietta had died at abt 1 year old in 1856.)

At the age of 58, Alfred enlisted in the Confederate Army and served with the Turnipseeds Company in the local militia of Clinton in Greene Co, AL. After the war he was employed by Weaver, Stock & Co, cotton brokers in Mobile and owned his own cotton plantation in Clinton.

According to the 1870 Federal Census Mortality Schedule for Clinton, Greene Co, AL, Alfred died of consumption in Apr 1870 at the age of 64.

Sources: Totten's Thacher-Thatcher Genealogy and U.S. censuses.  
Thacher, Alfred (I103753)
180 Alice B. Elliott daughter of Karoline Ernestine Nesslar (1859 - ?) and Joel Elliott (October 1837 - 27 April 1913) married Peter LaRue (1885 - ?) on 05 Dec 1911, they had 1 child, Pearl, who died young. Elliott, Alice B. (I323)
181 Allen says she was the daughter of Mary Grove, while Totten says she was the daughter of Elisha's first wife. I tend to think that Allen is more likely corret. It is reasonable that Elisha would have named his daughter from his second marriage in honor of his first wife. Also, if Abigail Webb were her mother, she would have been at least 29 years old at her first marriage, which, while possible, was uncommon at that time. Thacher, Abigail Webb (I103622)
182 Alvin spelled his middle name "Louis" on his WWI Draft registration card. His obituary spells it "Lewis". Kordoske, Alvin Louis (I451)
183 American Civil War Soldiers
Name: Henry Arey
Residence: Massachusetts
Enlistment Date: 17 Jul 1862
Side Served: Union
State Served: U.S. Navy
Service Record: Enlisted as a Acting Ensign on 17 July 1862.
Commission in Navy Regiment U.S. Navy on 17 Jul 1862.
Promoted to Full Acting Master on 9 Aug 1864.
Promoted to Full Acting Volunteer Lieutenant on 5 Sep 1865.
Discharged from Navy Regiment U.S. Navy on 11 Oct 1867.
Sources: 3

*1880 United States Federal Census
Name: Henry Arey
Age: 40
Birth Year: abt 1840
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Home in 1880: Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth G. Arey
Father's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Mother's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Occupation: Farms
Household Members:
Name Age
Henry Arey 40
Elizabeth G. Arey 39
Harry T. Arey 20
Lilla T. Arey 18
Thomas Arey 12
additional information courtesy of RJensen in the forums. 
Arey, Capt. Henry (I104087)
184 Amm 2, U. S. Navy, World War II Taylor, Lester Kenneth Jr. (I120062)
185 Among the ancestors of Rhoda Lewis are General Andrew Lewis, Pioneer John Lewis, General Abraham Trigg, and Mary Draper Ingles, whose escape from Indian captivity was made into a book and movie. Lewis, Rhoda (I113988)
186 Amos was a Merchant, he enlisted in the Army in 1814 and was discharged at Hartford, CT in 1815, he lived first at Mansfield, VT. He was 97 years old when he died. Thacher, Amos (I115642)
187 An influential exponent of homeopathic medicine. Boericke, Dr. William (I110819)
188 Griswold, Deforest Jay (I117585)
189 and was buried in Yarmouth, where a gravestone marks her resting place Gorham, Lydia (I103335)
190 Andrew M. owned a general store in Sharon VT, A.M. Willey's (by 1860), later A. M. Willey & Son (by 1884 -the "son" was Judson), "dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, drugs and medicines, agricultural implements a specialty." [Child, Gaz. Windsor Co. (1884)] 1884, Andrew also owned "25 dairy cows, orchard of 600 sugar trees, and about 500 acres".

Charles Elwin, b. 23 Nov 1843; m.(1) 1865 Agnes M. Ordway; m.(2) Emma L. Hazen; d. Sharon 1919
George Andrew, b. 12 May 1845; m.(1) Harriet Wright; m.(2) Clara S. Blake; d. Sharon 1900
Edgar Irvin, b. 23 May 1847; m.(1) 1872 Estella M. Willey; m.(2) 1882 Sophia Rabtoy; d. Roxbury, VT 15 Nov 1928
Judson Smith, b. 23 Jul 1849; m. 1874 Josie M. Littlefield; d. Sharon 1921
Albert Thacher, b. 14 Sep 1850; d. 23 Apr 1879
Lucia Adeline, b. 28 Jul 1852; d. 12 Aug 1852
Percy Melville, b. 23 May 1856; m. 1884 Ella A. Snow; d. Sharon 1911 
Willey, Andrew Moses (I118212)
191 Ann married Joseph Thacher Robinson on Oct0ber 3, 1889. Remington, Ann Elizabeth (I120306)
192 Anna Alberta Branch Thacher was born on 30 Nov 1863 in Bath, Summit, Ohio She died on 25 Oct 1939 in Medina, Medina, Ohio Her father was James Case Branch # 107075154 Her mother was Mandoria Cyrena Bissell Branch # 107075240 Her husband was Orlo C Thatcher # 70268548

Anna married Orlo C Thatcher on 2 September 1885 in Medina County, Ohio. They had five children

Thank you Find A Grave contributor Ralph Hammond-Green for the above information. 
Branch, Anna Alberta (I111479)
193 Anna M Thacher in the New Hampshire, Death and Burial Records Index, 1654-1949

Name: Anna M Thacher
[Anna M Tompson]
Gender: Female
Death Date: 17 May 1903
Death Place: Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Father Name: Wm Allen Rev Tompson
Mother Name: Anna M Adams
Spouse Name: Joseph Haven Thacher 
Tompson, Anna Maria (I108008)
194 Anna Mae Avery, 97, peacefully passed away at home in Morristown on Monday, January 15, 2018. She was proud to call herself a true ?Coal Miner?s? daughter as her father worked the coal mines in Scranton PA.

Anna Mae was preceded in death by her husband Rowland, parents William and Anna Morrell; sister, Elizabeth Short and brother, William Morrell Jr. Anna Mae is survived by son David Avery (Mary Ann) Clarks Summit PA, daughter Jean Avery Morristown TN, grandchildren, Nadine Solomon, Mark Avery and Ashley Avery, great granddaughters, special nieces Betsy Koerner and Sandy O?Connor, nieces and nephews.

Anna Mae previously lived in Scranton PA, Ithaca NY and Clarks Summit PA.

Anna Mae was a member of First United Methodist Church Morristown. She had been active in the United Methodist Women, Altar Guild, and the church choir. She had a deep faith in God till the end and enjoyed serving Him as needed. She had also been a member of Dr. Jones Congregational Church Scranton PA, St. Pauls Methodist Church Ithaca NY and Clarks Green Methodist Church in PA.

Anna Mae was valedictorian of the 1938 graduating class of Scranton Tech. She had a passion for singing which became apparent at an early age by singing in her school and church choirs and various programs in Scranton. She enjoyed going to the Scranton Philharmonic. She worked as a secretary at HJ Heinz in Scranton (where she met Rowland) and Tompkins County Hospital in Ithaca NY. Anna Mae was a member of PEO chapters in Clarks Summit PA and Knoxville TN where she held various officer titles and a volunteer at American Red Cross. She was an avid reader and always had a book to give someone, young or old. She enjoyed bird watching, cooking new recipes for her family and friends, The Golden Girls and Andy Griffith. She was always amazed by the beauty of nature and enjoyed looking out the window at God?s artwork. 
Morrell, Anna Mae (I120102)
195 Anna Parks
Born 1773 Apr 2 Woodbury, CT
Died 1850 Jun 13 Bethlehem, CT

Father Elijah Parks 1742-1785 Guilford, CT
Mother Anne Beaumont 1749-1830 Mar 23 Livonia, NY

Married about 1795

Spouse Peter Thacher
Born Feb. 26, 1770 Lebanon, CT
Death: Jul. 26, 1849 Hartford, CT
Father John Thacher 1740-1804
Mother Abigail Swift 1745-1832

13 children:

1. Augustus
Born 1796 Sep 24 Hartford, CT
Died 1839 Jul 22 Hartford, CT
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152488393
Elizabeth Mary
Born 1799 Jul 22
Died 1831 Sep 12
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT

2. Emmeline
Born 1798 Jan 11
Died 1860 Apr 3
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152490478

3. Nancy
Born 1800
Died 1871 Aug 8
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT

4. Sheldon Parks
Born 1802
Died 1876 Sep 20
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 153290935
Mary Gabriella Hale
Born 1824 Oct
Died 1883 May 17
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152490561

5. Abigail
Born 1804 Connecticut
Died 1837 Alabama
Age 33
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152488369
Married 1 Jan 1836 in Georgia,
Spouse Joseph T. Talley

6. Lucy Ann
Born 1806 Aug 3
Died 1871 Aug 8
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152490722

7. Peter
Born 1808

8. Elizabeth
Born 1810 Apr 7
Died 1857 Sep 30
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152488384

9. Apphia
Born 1811

10. Thomas Anthony
Born 1815

11. Rev. George Thacher
Born 1817 Jul 25
Died 1878 Dec 27
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152490498
Sarah M
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152490524
Mary Shipman
Born 1830 May 9
Died 1880 Dec 11
Burial Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, CT
FAG 152490543

12 John

13 Charles.


U.S., Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1704-1930
Name: Anne Thacher
Birth Year: abt 1773
Event: Death
Spouse: Peter Thacher
Death Date: 13 Jun 1850
Death Place: Hartford
Age at Death: 77
Newspaper: Christian Secretary
Publication Date: 21 Jun 1850
Publication Place: Connecticut, USA

Connecticut, Hale Collection of Cemetery Inscriptions and Newspaper Notices, 1629-1934
Name: Anne Thacher
Birth Date: 2 Apr 1773
Death Date: 13 Jun 1850
Age at Death: 77
Cemetery: Spring Grove Cemetery
Burial Place: Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)
Name: Anne Parks
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 2 Apr 1773
Birth Place: Woodbury
Parent: Elijah
Parent: Anne 
Parks, Anne (I115191)
196 Annie Elizabeth Mathews died on May 16, 1995 at the Sullivan County Nursing Home in Unity, NH. She was born in Worcester, MA on February 21, 1904; the daughter of Charles and Ida (Borden) Webb.

For many years, she was executive secretary at the American Red Cross office in Claremont. Previously, she was secretary for George Mathews & Son, electrical contractors and heating oil company in Claremont.

She graduated from Marboro High School in Marlboro, MA and Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School in Boston as valedictorian of her class.

She married George E Mathews Sr on February 21, 1923 in Marlboro, MA who preceded her in death.

She was preceded in death by a grandson Christopher Dole in 1992.

Burial is in Union Cemetery.

Bio by: Janice Prichard 
Webb, Annie Elizabeth (I126)
197 Anthony married Lucretia Mumford, daughter of John Mumford, on July 24, 1806.
Other children of Anthony & Lucretia are:
George Thompson b. Jan 20, 1816
Louisa b. Nov 27, 1813
Nathaniel Woodbridge b. May 25, 1807
Barbour vital records for New London, vol. 3 page 233
Family F3973
198 Anthony Thacher was a ship builder and for a number of years engaged in a successful fish business, associated with Isaac and Timothy Loveland under the firm name of Loveland & Thacher. The company was located at Sandy Point. He also had a cooperage establishment. Thacher, Anthony (I103848)
199 Apphia Thacher lived for many years before her death with Thomas Anthony Thacher, her brother, professor at Yale College, she was not married. Thacher, Apphia (I115210)
200 AR United States Army Brown, William Desloge (I1108)

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