Thacher-Thatcher Family
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Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Mary Louisa  13 Feb 1850Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118658
2 Brown, Adelaide Electa  10 Sep 1848Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118701
3 Brown, Adelia Arvilla  30 Mar 1852Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118661
4 Brown, Hannum S.  19 Sep 1859Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118703
5 Brown, Nora Milne  3 Apr 1857Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I119417
6 Brown, Rizpah Minerva  18 Jul 1855Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118702
7 Burnett, Louisa Elizabeth  19 May 1828Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118620
8 Thacher, Anna C.  15 Jan 1801Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I116181
9 Thacher, Henry Melvin  10 May 1856Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118565
10 Thacher, Sylvia Elizabeth  27 Oct 1860Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118567
11 Thatcher, Almond Augustus  16 Sep 1833Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117443
12 Thatcher, Ambrose Lumbert  2 Mar 1829Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117430
13 Thatcher, Anna  8 May 1833Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117446
14 Thatcher, Caroline Ester  2 Jan 1834Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117456
15 Thatcher, Carrie Louisa  1 Aug 1875Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118659
16 Thatcher, Ebenezer Warren  24 Mar 1821Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117411
17 Thatcher, Ella Elizabeth  31 Dec 1866Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118584
18 Thatcher, Emery Edward  20 Dec 1838Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117418
19 Thatcher, Eva  14 Oct 1866Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118607
20 Thatcher, Francis Edward  5 Dec 1848Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117462
21 Thatcher, Harriet Winslow  4 Apr 1850Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118562
22 Thatcher, Henry Newton  14 Jan 1891Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I119334
23 Thatcher, Herbert Elwin  25 Oct 1865Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118588
24 Thatcher, Jennie May  6 Oct 1877Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118590
25 Thatcher, Julia Idella  10 Apr 1881Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118664
26 Thatcher, Julia Whitcomb  31 Mar 1878Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118662
27 Thatcher, Lumbert  1802Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I116182
28 Thatcher, Lyanda Maria  3 Jul 1836Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117444
29 Thatcher, Marcus Morton  21 Sep 1841Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117419
30 Thatcher, Melissa Jane  13 Jan 1838Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117458
31 Thatcher, Melissa Jane  8 Aug 1839Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117459
32 Thatcher, Nellie Maria  7 Oct 1857Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118574
33 Thatcher, Sally Lucretia  3 Jun 1830Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117442
34 Thatcher, Sarah Angeline  1 Jun 1835Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117457
35 Thatcher, Sarah Idella  5 Dec 1854Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118605
36 Thatcher, Sarah May  15 Dec 1888Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I119333
37 Thatcher, Wilbur Lumbert  1 Aug 1861Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118579
38 Thatcher, William  26 Dec 1834Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117447
39 Thatcher, William Henry  11 Dec 1872Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118599


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Mary Louisa  7 May 1904Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118658
2 Brown, Adelia Arvilla  30 May 1878Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118661
3 Burnett, Clarissa  3 Dec 1903Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117392
4 Manning, John  27 Aug 1878Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117408
5 Thacher, Anna C.  9 May 1853Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I116181
6 Thacher, Henry Melvin  9 Oct 1860Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118565
7 Thacher, Rizpah B.  13 Oct 1877Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I116179
8 Thacher, Sylvia Elizabeth  29 Aug 1874Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118567
9 Thatcher, Archibald  20 Apr 1864Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I116185
10 Thatcher, Ebenezer Warren  8 Jan 1905Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117411
11 Thatcher, Harriet Winslow  24 Dec 1924Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118562
12 Thatcher, Julia Whitcomb  27 Jan 1879Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118662
13 Thatcher, Lumbert  31 Jul 1832Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I116182
14 Thatcher, Melissa Jane  21 Feb 1838Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117458
15 Thatcher, Sarah Idella  22 Jan 1874Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I118605
16 Thatcher, Sumner  2 May 1888Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I116187
17 Winslow, Achsah  11 Jul 1859Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts I117428


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Thatcher / Brown  4 Jun 1871Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts F7378
2 Thatcher / Brown  26 Nov 1879Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts F7379
3 Thatcher / Smith  25 Feb 1855Florida, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts F7346