Thacher-Thatcher Family
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New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sophia  1827New York, USA I1638
2 Benson, Elsie Ann  29 Dec 1815New York, USA I107131
3 Bouton, Hazel L.  Nov 1888New York, USA I1478
4 Buell, Sidney Joseph  7 Mar 1819New York, USA I654
5 Burtraw, Louis Milton  14 Mar 1880New York, USA I118780
6 C, Jane  16 Oct 1858New York, USA I1431
7 Cardot, David Elonzo  9 Oct 1862New York, USA I117693
8 Colby, Lucy Ann  25 Sep 1830New York, USA I117663
9 Cosgrove, Agnes B.  30 Mar 1889New York, USA I120343
10 Cushman, Hall Watson  29 Jan 1909New York, USA I120433
11 Cushman, Westervelt Thatcher  30 Dec 1907New York, USA I120432
12 Gilmore, Sarah Mary  22 Jun 1830New York, USA I119253
13 Hale, Henry Ewing III  12 Oct 1906New York, USA I120158
14 Henry, Frances  6 Mar 1888New York, USA I1418
15 Hubbard, Eugene Charles  20 Mar 1899New York, USA I119329
16 J., Martha  1845New York, USA I120125
17 Jennings, Charlotte  27 Jun 1855New York, USA I117370
18 Jennings, Ella  17 Jun 1852New York, USA I117369
19 Jones, Frederick M.  30 Dec 1840New York, USA I120133
20 Lanigan, Helen  7 Jul 1916New York, USA I1109
21 Morton, George Washington  1834New York, USA I120503
22 Moxley, Howard L.  1894New York, USA I1642
23 Nickerson, Charles R.  13 Sep 1861New York, USA I110697
24 Nickerson, Lillian F.  16 Mar 1858New York, USA I110695
25 Osborn, Alexander Perry  6 Jun 1884New York, USA I112313
26 Poinier, Cornelia  1805New York, USA I107690
27 Pulling, Clara Maria  2 Jan 1817New York, USA I109717
28 Randall, Samuel Collins  29 Aug 1812New York, USA I117607
29 Reynolds, Eliza Ann  2 May 1830New York, USA I120229
30 Simpkins, Elizabeth  18 Sep 1858New York, USA I110841
31 Simpkins, John Norris  1859New York, USA I110861
32 Simpkins, Ruth  19 Nov 1864New York, USA I110879
33 Simpkins, Willard Sears  24 Feb 1864New York, USA I120332
34 Sinclair, Orrin Warner  6 May 1833New York, USA I117868
35 Stillman, Louis Richard  2 Oct 1878New York, USA I118287
36 Vought, Joshua  31 Dec 1793New York, USA I117324
37 Wheeler, Albert  5 Aug 1824New York, USA I116958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benson, Elsie Ann  9 Nov 1867New York, USA I107131
2 Berry, Benjamin Franklin  28 Dec 1894New York, USA I120173
3 Bouton, Hazel L.  24 May 1975New York, USA I1478
4 Fletcher, Leland H.  16 Aug 1977New York, USA I1842
5 Moxley, Howard L.  11 Aug 1981New York, USA I1642
6 Prentiss, George Lewis  18 Mar 1903New York, USA I106986
7 Tappen, Joanna  14 Feb 1864New York, USA I992
8 Tappen, Sychele or Tjatie  2 Nov 1807New York, USA I1042
9 Tappen, Theodore  1812New York, USA I1038
10 Thacher, Amanda  living 1904New York, USA I117101
11 Thacher, Isabel Davies  18 Apr 1970New York, USA I1762


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Thacher, George  New York, USA I117478


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Tappen / Jacobse  Aft Mar 1661New York, USA F414