Thacher-Thatcher Family
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Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Flemming, Mollie Mae  13 Oct 1927Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119560
2 Thacher, Allen Zemaroy  3 May 1849Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I117833
3 Thacher, Clarence Eugene  28 May 1899Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119009
4 Thacher, Claude Luther  3 Feb 1901Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119010
5 Thacher, Electa Dell  1890Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119005
6 Thacher, Elizabeth Augusta  19 May 1847Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I117823
7 Thacher, Florence Irene  1893Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119007
8 Thacher, Frank Ziba  10 May 1906Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119512
9 Thacher, Genevieve Helen  10 Sep 1904Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119511
10 Thacher, George Allen  14 May 1891Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I118522
11 Thacher, Grant Leroy  15 Nov 1897Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119507
12 Thacher, Herman Pell  1892Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119006
13 Thacher, John Doras  18 Aug 1888Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I118995
14 Thacher, Joseph Benjamin  30 Dec 1895Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I118996
15 Thacher, Lucius Martin  18 Aug 1888Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I118994
16 Thacher, Minerva Betsey  7 Dec 1822Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116742
17 Thacher, Minerva Louisa  1855Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116778
18 Thacher, Samuel  25 Dec 1852Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I117841
19 Thacher, Sarah Frances  1 Jun 1856Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I117835
20 Thacher, Sarah Mary  25 Apr 1883Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I118993
21 Thacher, Sidney Leroy  21 Nov 1922Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119559
22 Thacher, Verona Belle  16 May 1895Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119008
23 Thacher, William Burr  16 Mar 1898Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119508
24 Thatcher, Adaline Victory  28 Apr 1839Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116764
25 Thatcher, Averill Adelia  12 Jul 1846Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116767
26 Thatcher, Avery Warner  28 Aug 1848Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116769
27 Thatcher, Frederick Cramer  17 Jan 1881Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119000
28 Thatcher, Hannah  5 Sep 1831Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116761
29 Thatcher, Harriet Betsey  6 Apr 1835Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116763
30 Thatcher, Julia Deborah  12 Sep 1841Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116765
31 Thatcher, Julius Albert  23 Dec 1858Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I117827
32 Thatcher, Laura Louisa  22 May 1844Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116766
33 Thatcher, Lucy Alineda  3 Feb 1852Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116770
34 Thatcher, Maude Elena  Feb 1882Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119001
35 Thatcher, Nancy Ann  27 Jul 1829Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116760


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Thacher, Grant Leroy  Jan 1972Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I119507
2 Thacher, Minerva Betsey  3 Oct 1888Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116742
3 Thacher, Minerva Louisa  1872Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York I116778


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Thacher / Remington  1895Ticonderoga, Essex Co., New York F7730