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He resided at Queen Camel, Co. Somerset, England, Marblehead (then Salem), Mass., and Yarmouth, Mass. He was a curate of the Church of England, and one of the original grantees of the town of Yarmouth, Mass.

Antony2 Thacher was born in Queen Camel in 1588-9. We have no distinct record of his birth there as the parish register of St. Barnabas' Church is not in existence covering that period of time, and the earliest date in the Diocesan transcript of that Register at Wells is 1601. But, as his father, Rev. Peter1 Thacher, was living then in Queen Camel as Vicar of St. Barnabas we are justified in assuming him to have been born there, especially so as it is recorded in the ordination papers of his brother, Rev. Peter2 Thacher of St. Edmund's that he, Rev. Peter2, was born in Queen Camel. As Antony2 Thacher was curate under his brother, Rev. Peter2 at St. Edmund's it has always been justifiably conjectured that he was younger than Rev. Peter2; and it is a matter of early family record that Antony2 Thacher died in Yarmouth, Mass., in 1667 aged about 80 years. These facts taken in connection one with another place the date of his birth as 1588-9.

The first absolute record which we have relative to him subsequent to his birth, is the record of the baptism of his daughter Edith3, who, according to the Diocesan transcript of the Queen Camel parish register at Wells, was baptized at Queen Camel by Rev. Peter1 Thacher (her grandfather) on February 7th, 1621-2. He probably spent his childhood in Queen Camel, but what was his residence from the time he gained his majority until the year 1621 we do not know. The tradition exists that he was a college graduate, but I have never, after much search, obtained any evidence that such was the case. In 1621 he was 32 years of age and for eleven years had been of man's estate. Where he was during these eleven years? His daughters baptism at Queen Camel in 1621-2 suggests his residence there at that time; and it has been thought by some, in which view I fully concur, that after reaching man's estate, having prepared for the ministry either under his father or perhaps at college, he was curate under his father at Queen Camel until the latter's death in 1624, and subsequently acted in the same capacity under his brother at St. Edmund's in Salisbury. The exact time of his becoming acquainted with St. Edmund's is not known. The parish register of St. Edmund's, No. 2, which covers the period of time previous to 1630, has been missing from the custody of the parish for many years; and it is in this book that probably would appear the record of the date of the first appearance of Antony2 Thacher at St. Edmund's. However, in the parish Register No. 3, there appears numerous entries made by him over his signature during the year 1631, 1633 and 1634, after which latter year his name disappears from the Register. I think that shortly after his father's death in 1624 he became curate at St. Edmund's under his brother Rev. Peter2, who had been installed as rector there 1622-3.

Who his first wife, Mary ----, was we do not know, except that her baptismal name was Mary. When and where he married her is not known; nor do we have any knowledge of her parentage. D. W. Allen in his Thacher genealogy, p. 32, says his son William3 Thacher was born previous to 1620; but upon what authority he makes the statement I have never discovered; but if the statement is correct then his marriage took place in 1619 or previously. Should the parish register of Queen Camel, covering that period, ever be discovered (1574-1624) we will probably find therein the record of his birth and possibly that of his marriage, and that of his child Wiliam3 and possibly that of Mary3 and Peter3. Otherwise these questions must be answered by deductive reasoning rather than by documentary evidence. Record Book No. 3 of St. Edmund's parish dates from January 21st, 1630 Old Style, 1631 New Style; and in that book there are numerous entries of Parish transactions attested to by Antony2 Thacher over his own signature as curate, amongst which I select the following, viz.:

"1634--April 27th Benjamin, son of Antony and Mary Thacher, borne on Sunday ye 13th day, between the hours of one and two oclocke in the morning, was baptized the 27th day of the same month of April 1634.
"1634--July 26th, Mary wife to Anthony Thacher, cleric, was buried."

Shortly after his first wife's death Antony2 Thacher must have made up his mind to emigrate to New England, for we find that he embarked for New England from Southampton April 5th, 1635, on the ship James of London bound for this country. From the sailing list of the James, we see that he is entered thereon as being a "tayler" and that he had with him a servant, Peter Higdon; no mention by name is made of his second wife, Elizabeth Jones, whom he is said to have married six (6) weeks before sailing, nor is mention made of his children by his first wife (William3, Edith3, Mary3 and Peter3), who accompanied him, they being included among the wives and children not named, referred to in that list. It is however definitely known that his second wife did accompany him. Nor is mention made on the list of the James of his nephew, Thomas3 Thacher, who also accompanied him on this trip.

1635. February --; i.e., about 6 weeks previous to embarking on the James, he married Elizabeth Jones.

The probable cause of Antony2 Thacher's emigration was his desire to secure a home free from religious persecution then so prevalent in England; on account of this same religious espionage, he probably styled himself a "tayler" on the passenger list of the James, when in reality he was, or had been almost up to the time of sailing, a curate of the established English Church in Salisbury. He so styled himself in order to avoid the rigid scrutiny he would have had to undergo if he had announced himself as formerly curate of an English Church of pronounced Puritan faith. He may have been a "tayler" by trade, as curates of Puritan faith were many of them in the humble callings of life; but if such was the case, it is positive that in this country he never followed this trade, but was always regarded as a man of literary attainments and occupied a leading and prominent position in the community in which he dwelt. He was also accompanied on this voyage of the James by his "cousin," Rev. Joseph Avery, and his wife and children, between whom and Antony2 Thacher there had been entered into a league of perpetual friendship and an agreement to inhabit the same place. Rev. Joseph Avery's name, however, does not appear on the list of the James, and he probably came over under an assumed name to avoid scrutiny, as he was a Puritan priest.

The exact place of the landing in New England of the ship James, and the date of such landing does not appear to be agreed upon by the authorities; "Young's Chronicles" states that the ship arrived at Boston, June 3rd, 1635; "Freeman's Cape Cod" states that it arrived at Newbury, Mass., June 4th, 1635, and D. W. Allen's Thacher genealogy states that it arrived at Ipswich, Mass., June 4th, 1635. Wherever the passengers first landed, Antony2 Thacher and family sojourned a short time thereafter in Ipswich, Mass., during which time Rev. Joseph Avery received a call to preach in Marblehead, Mass. (then a part of Salem, Mass.), which call after some deliberation he decided to accept, Antony2 Thacher and their families having in the meantime removed to Newbury, Mass., with a view to settling there. Rev. Joseph Avery having accepted the call to Marblehead, he and his family of eleven all told, accompanied by Antony2 Thacher and his wife Elizabeth (Jones) Thacher, and his children by his first wife (William3, Edith3, Mary3 and Peter3), went to Ipswich, Mass., and there on April 11th, 1635 [sic. It should be August 11th, 1635], embarked for Marblehead.

The party embarked from Ipswich for Marblehead in a pinnace belonging to Mr. Isaac Allerton; and the vessel was wrecked on August 15th, 1635, and all on board were lost except Antony2 Thacher and his second wife, Elizabeth (Jones) Thacher. The entire episode of the wreck so frequently referred to by early New England chronicles is best set forth in Antony2's letter to his brother, Peter2 Thacher, written a few days after his rescue from the island on which he was cast after the wreck, which island has since been known as Thacher's Island. The storm which occasioned the wreck was a most memorable one, during which the tide rose some 20 feet; and it is said to have been the most terrific storm within the memory of the native Indians thereabouts.

A cradle coverlet of scarlet broadcloth originally trimmed with gold lace (which lace souvenir hunters have entirely picked off), said to have been originally the property of Anthony2 Thacher, and to have been rescued by him from the shipwreck, was still in 1872 in the possession of one of Anthony2 Thacher's descendants in Yarmouth, Mass., and was held by the family in great veneration, and has been used by the family for many generations as a ceremonial covering for their children at their baptisms.

From the letter of Anthony2 Thacher written after the shipwreck we see that when rescued from "Thacher's Island" he was taken to Marblehead, Mass. Colony, and there it will be seen from the following evidence he remained some time. Marblehead was not set off from Salem as a separate town until the year 1649; so while residing in that place he was in reality an inhabitant of Salem, Mass., of which town the territory subsequently set off as Marblehead then formed a part, viz:--

"Att the Court holden at New Towne, September 1st, 1635.
"There is administration granted to Mr. Antony Thacher of the goods and Chattells of Mr. Joseph Avery, deceased, which he is to inventory and return the same to the next Court; and the said goods are to remain in his hands until further order be taken therein.

"An Inventory of the Goods and Chattells of Joseph Avery, deceased.
Due to him from John Emery, Carpenter ?7 0sh 0d
Item: From Robert Andrews of Ipswich
which he confesseth to be due and
to be paid forthwith?2 0 0
Item: From Mr. Wm. Hilton?2 16 0
Or a sowe and pigs to that value
testis Richard Hunt
from Richard Kent of Ipswich 10 bushels
of Indian corn which he acknowledges

"John Emery denys his debt; but Richard Knight, Nicholas Holle and John Knight, all three of Newbury can and will testify and prove it to be due; only he was by condicion to pay the said ?7 in his work, which he was to do so soon as Mr. Avery did call upon him for it; out of which ?7, there is something paid in labor already, as he can make appear.
per me Antony Thacher"

It is well here to note that Antony2 Thacher always in signing his name spelt Antony without the "h." This was probably due to the fact that as a curate in the English Church he was in the habit of writing in Latin, as the church records in those days were in the majority of instances written in that language, they going so far even as to use the Latin forms of English baptismal names; and hence from writing his name Antonius (in Latin) he acquired the custom of writing it Antony in English, instead of Anthony, the more commonly accepted English form of the name. Whether my surmise is correct or not, "Antony" he was and not "Anthony" as he was so often style by the contemporaneous records and writers of his time.

"September 3d, 1635. Att the General Court houlden at New Towne.
"It is ordered that there shall be fforty markes given to Mr. Thacher out of the Treasury towards his great losses."

In Governor Winthrop's History of New England, he states that the General Court awarded Mr. Thacher ?26, 13sh 4d towards his losses; and divers other good people gave him besides.

In the list of first settlers of Salem, Mass., Antony2 Thacher is named as being of that place in 1635.

1636-7: "At a General Court houlden in Boston, 1st month, 9th day, 1636/7, Antony2 Thacher had granted him the small island at the head of Cape Ann upon which he was preserved from shipwreck, as his proper inheritance."

1637-8: On the first day of January, 1637 (1637/8) a meeting was held at Salem, Mass., and a vote of ?100 was ordered, of which ?8 were to be assessed upon the following inhabitants of Marblehead:
* * * 20 (acres) Anthonie Thatcher. * * *
The figures preceding the name of Antony2 Thacher as well as those preceding all other names, represented the number of acres held by each inhabitant, upon which acreage the proportionate amount of the tax was assessed.

It is stated by some of the early authorities that Antony2 Thacher spent some time in Marshfield, as an inhabitant of that town, previous to his permanent settlement in Yarmouth, Mass.; but I have been unable to trace any such residence there, or to discover and foundation in documentary evidence to substantiate such statement, which I am inclined to think was an unfounded report.

1638: At a General Court in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony, December 18th, 1638.
"Mr. John Crow, Mr. Thomas Howes of Mattacheese, alias Yarmouth, took oath of allegiance to the Kinge and fidelity to government; likewise Mr. Anthony Thacher took the same on the 7th day of January, 1638-9. This record above probably fixes the date upon which Antony2 Thacher first became associated with Yarmouth.

"At a Court of Assistants held (at Plymouth) the vii of January in the xiiij yeare of the reign of our Souvraigne Lord Charles, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland and France, and Ireland, King, defender of the faith, etc. * * *
The names of those to whom the grant of land at Matacheeset now called Yarmouth is made.
Mr. Anthony Thacher,
Mr. Thomas Howes,
Mr. John Crow,
Mr John Coite, to be enquired of
The names of those that are proposed to take up their freedom at Yarmouth
Mr. Madrick Matthews,
Mr. Anthony Thacher,
Mr. John Crow,
Mr. Thomas Howes,
and others."

At a General Court at Plymouth, March 5, 1638-9.
"It is ordered by the Court that Mr. Nicholas Sympkins, William Palmer, Phillip Tabor, and Joshua Barnes, of the town of Yarmouth, shall be added to Mr. Anthony Thacher, Mr. Thomas Howes and Mr. John Crowe, committee of said place, to make an equal division of the planting lands now to be divided for the first time there, to each in and according to his estate and quality and according to instructions."

John3 Thacher, eldest child of Antony2 Thacher and Elizabeth Jones, his second wife, was born at Marblehead, Massachusetts Colony, March 17, 1638-9.

1639. The following record of Court proceedings at Salem, Mass. Colony, together with the preceding record of the birth of John3 Thacher at Marblehead, Mass., in the same Colony, show that Antony2 Thacher was at these dates occupied in transferring his interests from Marblehead, Mass. Colony to Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony; and that although he himself was already a large land owner of Yarmouth, he had as yet not transferred his family and made his permanent home there.

"Att Salem, 25th of the 4th month, 1639, ye 13th Courte. A complaint brought in by Mr. Antonie Thatcher against Jane James for things taken forth of his house wch she had received. Wherefore Jane James is bound in recognizance in some 3ll (shillings) to answer to this Court this tyme. The boys to be whipped by the Governor of the ffamilie where he had offended."

From the above official records we see that Antony2 Thacher was one of the original grantees of Yarmouth; and from the precedence of his name in these records it is to be inferred was the most important of the three original grantees. He was one of the first settlers of that town, and established his house and dwelling there late in 1639, on the border of the meadows in the Northwest part of the village. The exact spot on which his homestead stood was a little knoll about midway between the residence (in 1872) of Mrs. James G. Hallett and that of Mr. Dustin Eldridge at Yarmouth Port, Mass.

At a General Court at Plymouth, Dec. 3rd, 1639. Antony2 Thacher admitted freeman and sworn accordingly.

1639-40. At a General Court at Plymouth, March 3rd, 1639-40. "Where as Mr. Thacher, Mr. Crowe and Mr. Howes, the committee of Yarmouth, were complained of to have made unequal division of lands there; whereupon the said committee have exhibited a very formal division of said lands unto the Court which is well approved of. And the court doth further order that the said committee shall receive no more inhabitants into the said towne, except they bring certificates from the places whence they came under sufficient men's hands of the said places of their religious and honest character; which certificate shall be first allowed by the Governor and Assistants before such persons shall be admitted there."

In 1639 Antony2 Thacher became Town Clerk and Town Treasurer of Yarmouth, Mass., and he remained in such capacity until his death in 1667, when he was succeeded by Mr. Edmund Hawes.

1641. General Court of Yarmouth June 17th 1641. "Settlement of land controversy between Mr. Anthony Thacher, Mr. Nicholas Sympkins and William Chase."

Quarter Court at Salem, Mass., 1-12mo, 1641 "Peter Thatcher haled before Court for running away from Antony Thacher."

1641-2. Record of Quarter Court of Assistants at Boston, Mass., 1st of 1st month, 1641-2 (See Vol. I, p. 118, on file in N. Y. G. and B. Soc. Library). "Peter Thatcher, for plotting piracy, was committed, and to be whipt; Matthew Collaine, Robert Allen and another to be whipped for concealing plot of piracy."

These two preceding records are those upon which I base my surmise that the above mentioned Peter Thacher was Peter3 Thacher, son of Rev. Peter2 Thacher, of St. Edmund's, Salisbury, Eng., and a nephew of Antony2 Thacher; and that he, the above Peter3 Thacher, had accompanied his uncle Antony2 Thacher, to New England as his apprentice, and whose apprenticeship was at the above date probably expired, as he was probably born in 1616, and was hence about 25 years of age. Peter3 Thacher had also probably by this time received the money left him by his father in his will, from the hands of Antony2 Thacher and his maternal step-uncle, Christopher Batt, and he was in all likelihood very unruly and difficult to control.

1642. General Court of Election at Plymouth, June 7th, 1642. "Mr. Anthony Thacher sworn in as a member of the Grand Inquest."

General Court at Plymouth, September 27th, 1642. "Mr. Anthony Thacher appointed by the Court one of the Council of War. Anthony Thacher on list of freemen of Yarmouth and one of a list of those liable to bear arms in town of Yarmouth."

1643. General Court of Election at Plymouth, June 6th, 1643. "Mr. Anthony Thacher elected deputy to General Court from Yarmouth."

General Court of Election at Plymouth, October 10th, 1643. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth. He was appointed one of the committee to provide a place of defense for the towne of Yarmouth against sudden assault."

1643-4. General Court at Plymouth, March 5th, 1643-4. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth."

1644. General Court of Election at Plymouth, June 5th 1644. "Mr. Anthony Thacher elected deputy to General Court from Yarmouth, and appointed by Court Surveyor of Highways for the town of Yarmouth; and also licensed by Court to draw wine in Yarmouth."

General Court of Plymouth, August 20th, 1644. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth, and appointed by the Court one of a committee of three to lay out farm land granted to Nathaniel Sowther."

1645. General Court at Plymouth, June 4th, 1645. "Mr. Anthony Thacher appointed on committee to prepare laws to overcome certain abuses."

General Court at Plymouth, October 20th, 1645. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth."

1645-6. General Court at Plymouth, March 3rd, 1645-6. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth."

1646. General Court at Plymouth, July 7th, 1646. "Edward Sturgis licensed by Court to keep and ordinary and draw wine in Yarmouth, provided Mr. Thacher draws out his. 'Repealed 20-8, 1646.' 'Mr. Anthony Thacher fined 6d for absence from Court.'"

1646-7. General Court at Plymouth, March 2nd, 1646-7. "Mr. Anthony Thacher being returned at the Court Register Keeper for Yarmouth was approved by ye Court."

1647. General Court at Plymouth, June 1st, 1647. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth and he was granted ?20 by Court for public services."

1648. General Court at Plymouth, June 7th, 1648. "Mr. Anthony Thacher awarded 110 acres upland and 26 acres of meadowland by the Court as his allotment for discovering, purchasing and other charges in the settlement of Yarmouth."

This allotment was a slight modification of the award made to him by the original committee of which he was one; the modification being due to a complaint made by some that his allotment in the original division was excessive. The decision of the Court here recorded seems to have been a virtual upholding of Mr. Thacher's original award, as the modification was but slight.

1651. General Court at Plymouth, June 5, 1651. "Mr. Anthony Thacher, present as deputy from Yarmouth and appointed by Court to try certain Indians on complaint made by Richard Sears."

1652. February 24th. "Mr. Anthony Thacher one of the jurors appointed by Court to lay out highway from Sandwich to Plymouth."

General Court of Election at Plymouth, June 7, 1652. "Mr. Anthony Thacher elected deputy to represent Yarmouth."

General Court, Plymouth, June 29th, 1652. "Mr. Anthony Thacher is allowed and appointed by the Court to administer the ordinance of marriage at Yarmouth as occasion may require."

1653. General Court of Election, Plymouth, June 7th, 1653. "Mr. Thacher one of the Surveyors of the Highway for Yarmouth."

1653-4. General Court at Plymouth, March 7th, 1653-4. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth."

1654. General Court of Election at Plymouth, June 6th, 1654. "Mr. Anthony Thacher sworn as a member of the Grand Inquest."

General Court at Plymouth, June 20th, 1654. "Mr. Anthony Thacher one of the Jurors for to lay out the convenientest way from Sandwich unto Plymouth, which Jurors were sworn before Mr. Prence (Governor). Jurors submit plan for said way to the above Court."

General Court at Plymouth, August 1st, 1654. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth. Mr. Anthony Thacher, Mr. Josias Winslow and Mr. Thomas Kingsley submit to the above court a report of the accounts of the Treasurer (of the Colony) as audited by them."

1656-7. General Court at Plymouth, March 5th, 1656-7. "A warrant was directed from the Court unto Mr. Anthony Thacher of Yarmouth, to require him personally to appear at the Court of Assistants to be holden in May next to make answer to a complaint of Janna an Indian Sachem, concerning some land formerly belonging to him in the liberties in Yarmouth, which was purchased of him by Mr. Thacher and Mr. Howes, and, as he saith, unpaid for."

1657. General Court at Plymouth, June 3rd, 1657. "I, Anthony Thacher doe testify that Captain Standish accepted of one cow of Barnard Lumbard in the summe of five pounds, which cow the said Barnard Lumbard promised to winter, and the Captain promised to allow him for it. This I can testify upon oath, and if I be called upon I shall be ready to doe it.
(sgd) Anthony Thacher."

The signature given here above is copied from the printed record. His baptismal name it will be here noted is spelled Anthony and not Antony. I have never seen the original manuscript record; but am under the impression that in this original from which the printed copy was taken the name appears as Antony and the "h" was introduced by error on account of Anthony being the commonly accepted form of spelling. This may be, however, but an unjustified conjecture on my part, if it is so spelled in the original manuscript record, it is the only case of his so spelling his baptismal name that I am aware of.

In the year 1657, Mr. Anthony Thacher's name is on list of those in Yarmouth that had taken the oath of fidelity.

1657-8. General Court at Plymouth, March 2nd, 1657-8. "Mr. Anthony Thacher one of a committee summoned to appear before the Court to transact certain business."

1658. General Court of Election at Plymouth, June 1st, 1658. "Mr. Anthony Thacher sworn in as constable of Yarmouth. Mr. Anthony Thacher chosen as one of the Council of War. Mr. Anthony Thacher on a list of freeman of Yarmouth taken about 1658."

General Court at Plymouth, June 5th, 1658. "Mr. Anthony Thacher is required by the Court in settlement of the Indian Sachem Janna's claim to pay 20sh as his share in the matter; this decision to be final. This being the conclusion arrived at by Mr. John Alden and Mr. Josias Winslow appointed by the Court to settle the matter; they having heard the case May 14th 1658 and reported to the above Court.

1658-9. General Court at Plymouth, March 1st, 1658-9. "Mr. Anthony Thacher one of a committee appointed by Court to levy on inhabitants of Yarmouth to raise ?40 or ?50 a year to support a minister."

1659. General Court of Election at Plymouth, June 7th, 1659. "Mr. Anthony Thacher elected deputy to represent Yarmouth."

General Court of Plymouth, October 6th, 1659. "Mr. Anthony Thacher one of the Coroner's Jury to hold inquest on the death of Mary Chase of Yarmouth."

1660-1. General Court at Plymouth, March 5th, 1660-1. "Mr. Anthony Thacher, Mr. Thomas Howes, appointed a committee by Court to see that no more houses are erected at Yarmouth except by permission of the Court."

1661-62. General Court at Plymouth, March 4th, 1661-62. "The agents for the town of Yarmouth appearing at this Court according to an agreement to debate and determine a difference between them and others about whales, were desired by the Court to give their result concerning the matter unto the Court as being that whereunto they could stand, who gave in their answer as follows:
"The sixt of the first month 61/62
Right Worsh. We intreat your worships reddily to accept these few lines for a positive answer to which we promise to stand; that the Treasurer shall have two barrels of oyle out of each whale according to his proposition made unto us for the year past, soe as there may be a full end of what troubles hath formerly past about about."
witness our hands
(sgd) Antony Thacher,
Robert Denis,
Thomas Boardman,
Richard Taylor."

1662. General Court at Plymouth, June 3rd, 1662. "Mr. Anthony Thacher sworn as member of the Grand Inquest."

General Court at Plymouth, June 10th, 1662. "Mr. Anthony Thacher appointed one of the two excise officers of Yarmouth to take invoice of what liquors, powder, shot and lead are brought into the government of Yarmouth, and is ordered to report same to General Court each year."

General Court at Plymouth, October 3rd, 1662. "Mr. Anthony Thacher submits to Court invoice of Liquors brought into town of Yarmouth from June last to September 26th, 1662."

1663. General Court at Plymouth, June 1st, 1663. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth."

1663-4. General Court at Plymouth, March 1st, 1663-4. "Mr. Anthony Thacher and Mr. Robert Denis submit invoice of liquor, powder and shot introduced into Yarmouth since May 1663." "Item: -- Mr. Thacher, 3 cases" (whether liquor, powder or shot does not appear.)

1665. General Court at Plymouth, June 7th, 1665. "Mr. Anthony Thacher present as deputy from Yarmouth. Court grants Mr. Anthony Thacher an equal share with certain others of certain lands obtained by one William Nicaison at Mannamoisett from natives illegally, without consent of the Court, leaving only 100 acres to Nicaison."

General Court at Plymouth, June 9th, 1665. "Final award of the Court in awarding land in the Nicaison controversy to Mr. Thacher and others."

General Court at Plymouth, October 3rd, 1665. "Mr. Anthony Thacher is authorized by the Court to make contracts of marriage in the township of Yarmouth, and likewise to administer an oath to any witness for the tryall of a case as occasion may require within said township, and likewise to administer an oath to give evidence to the grand inquest as there shall be occasion within said township."

"Mr. Anthony Thacher appointed an excise officer to recommend excise on liquor for the year at Yarmouth."

1665-6. General Court at Plymouth, March 6th, 1665-6. "Thomas Starr, Jonathan Barnes and Abraham Hedge were fined by Court for abusive carriage towards Mr. Anthony Thacher in his own house."

"Mr. Anthony Thacher's name on the list of select men of the town of Yarmouth approved by the Court." This is the first mention of these officers by the Court; they were elected by the townsmen.

1666. General Court of Election at Plymouth, June 5, 1666. "Mr. Anthony Thacher's name first on the list of select men for Yarmouth approved by the Court." They were elected by the freemen of the town to try cases involving not more than 40 shillings.

1667. Council of War at Plymouth, April 2nd, 1667. "Mr. Anthony Thacher a member of the Council; and he was appointed the one to act for Yarmouth to concert with military officers there situated for the good of the Government."

General Court at Plymouth, June 5, 1667. "Mr. Anthony Thacher as excise officer brings in report to the Court of liquor brought in to Yarmouth for the first year past." This invoice includes items up to the first week in June, 1667. He must, therefore, have been alive at that time.

In Swift's "Old Yarmouth" between pp. 90-91 is to be found a facsimilie of a document drawn up and signed by Antony Thacher dated April 4th, 1667. The original of a valuable document dated June 30th, 1667, and signed by Antony Thacher was at the time of the publication (1872) of D. W. Allen's "Thacher Genealogy" in the possession of H. C. Thacher, Esq., of Boston, Mass.

According to D. W. Allen's "Thacher Genealogy," an inventory of his estate was taken August 22nd, 1667. Freeman's "History of Cape Cod" says that he died on August 22nd, 1667. These two statements are consistent, as inventories of deceased individuals' estates were frequently taken immediately after death and before the funeral of the deceased. From what we have of record, however, we know that he died between June 30th, 1667 and August 22nd, 1667.

Court of Assistants at Plymouth, October 30th, 1667. "Letters were granted by the Court to John3 Thacher (his eldest son) to administer the estate of Mr. Anthony Thacher, deceased."

From the above record we see that he died intestate.

1667-8. Court of Assistants at Plymouth, March 5th, 1667-8. "Letters of administration were granted to Mistress Elizabeth Thacher and unto John3 Thacher to administer the estate of Mr. Anthony Thacher, deceased."

Antony2 Thacher was buried on his own land in Yarmouth, not far from the marsh, by a little button pear tree situated near said marsh; which pear tree is said to have been planted by his own hands, and which Alden in his "Epitaphs" states was standing in 1814. Swift in his "Old Yarmouth" states the tree was standing in 1884. The general location of his resting place is therefore known; but the identical spot is unknown, as his grave is not now, nor, as far as my knowledge extends, has ever been marked by a grave stone.

Descendants of Antony2 Thacher are eligible for membership in the Society of Colonial Wars and the Society of Founders and Patriots and in the Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry. 
Thacher, Antony (I3072)

He was a statesman and a soldier.

He removed to Yarmouth with his parents early in the 1640's. Of his history prior to marriage we have no definite knowledge, but assume that his boyhood and youth were spent in Yarmouth, receiving such school advantages as were obtainable there in those early days. We have no record of his attending college.

In 1668 Hon. Col. John3 Thacher was chosen deputy to the General Court at Plymouth and served in that capacity annually to the year 1681, except in the years 1672, '75 and '77. In 1668 he was elected a selectman of Yarmouth and remained such for many years. In 1681, he was appointed on of the Council of War for Plymouth Colony in which capacity he served a number of years. From 1682 to 1692 he was an Assistant to the Governor of Plymouth Colony. Immediately upon the union of Plymouth Colony with the Province of Massachusetts Bay under the Charter of William and Mary in 1692 he was elected a representative and subsequently an Assistant or Councillor to the Provincial Council and served as such until 1707. He joined the militia of that period at an early age and in time attained the rank of Colonel therein, and upon his death, May 8th, 1713, he was buried with military honors.

Hon. Col. Thacher was much attached to his first wife and deeply grieved over her loss; and during the period between her death and his second marriage he composed verses in her enthusiastic praise, dated August 30th, 1683. A copy of extracts from these verses follows, not on account of their intrinsic merit, but as an example of the custom then largely in vogue of extolling the virtues of dear departed ones in verse; and moreover principally on account of the genealogical facts related in said verses, which facts are not specifically recorded elsewhere. 
Thacher, Hon. Col. John (I1536)

The first identification with Rev. Peter1 Thacher with Queen Camel which we have was discovered by Ralph Partridge Emilius Thacher, brother of Hon. Peter Thacher of Newton, Mass., who made extensive Thacher research in England. In searching the records of the British Museum in London for Thacher material he ran across the Hugo manuscripts, which, as explained below, contain the "Institutions of Incumbents of various parishes in Somersetshire," and among them those of Queen Camel. The manuscript thus referred to is cataloged in the British Museum as "Hugo MSS. Ad. 30279, Vol. I, p. 155, East Camel or Queen's Camel." Title, "Institutions of Incumbents in Somersetshire." The manuscript is entirely in Latin, and on the margin at the top of the page (as Mr. Thacher interpreted it) is written "advocate to the abbot of Chrym:" Mr. Thacher saying that his translation of the first word may be incorrect and that it may not be "advocate." It has occurred to me that the proper translation of the word may be "adjoined to," "belonging to," or a dependency of, i.e., under the jurisdiction of the Abbot of Chrym. Following the heading there is written in red ink -- "East Camel, Abbot's Camel." Then follows a list of incumbents in regular order of succession from 1317 until we reach the following entries, viz.:

"1566, May 13th. Will. Waller, cler, per resignation of Leonard Stafford, ad pres ejusdem (i.e., on his own presentation.)"

"1574, December 4th, Pet Thatcher, cler per mort Will: Waller, as pres ejusdem. Cammell 45."

"1624, May 7th, Joh. Picker, per mortem Peter Thatcher, as pres Humf. Mildmay. Mil Lake p. 138."

and so on, the manuscript continues to June 4th 1732, and ends on that date with the following entry:

"Carolus Brinsdon, A.B. per resignation of N.W., ad pres ejusdem."

In the same manuscript at the top of one of the pages it is recorded that Queen Camel was taxed at the rate of ?10; which means that every incumbent, upon his installation as Vicar, had to give bonds to pay by installment the sum of ?10 in recognition of the benefice bestowed upon him. It is to be noted that most of the incumbents succeeding Peter1 Thacher at Queen Camel are recorded as B.A. or M.A., which gives rise to the question, as yet undetermined, wether Peter1 Thacher of Queen Camel was a graduate of a college or not. the fact of there being no B.A. or M.A., after his name is prima facie evidence that he was not a college graduate; and yet it may be proven later that he was, and that the record given above is defective to this extent.

From the 40th Report of the Deputy Keeper of Public Records (England) (appx. 2 p. 477), a class of document the examination of which ought on no account be omitted by genealogists, we have the following extract in regard to the "Subsidy Rolls," viz: "The principal value of the 'Subsidy Rolls' is genealogical. The wills containing the names of the persons assessed are extremely valuable as establishing links in pedigrees which without these rolls would be missing. The Americans have used them to a great extent. They can then avail themselves of the Parish Register, a large portion of which they are saved from searching through the assistance of the 'Subsidy Rolls.' The rank in life of the person assessed may also be deduced by the amounts they paid."

In these "Subsidy Rolls" every person instituted to a benefice had to give bonds for the payment by installment of the "First Fruits" of such benefice. Two sureties were required with each bond, and they were naturally in all cases, relations, connections or near friends of the incumbent; thus in many instances giving valuable clues as to family relationship. The kind of information furnished is seen hereafter in the record of the Composition of Peter1 Thacher, Vicar of East Camel (Queen Camel) in the time of Elizabeth.

Although the First Fruit Composition Book fails to elucidate the family connections of Rev. Peter1 Thacher of Queen Camel, it is of much interest in bringing to light his connection with Sir Walter Mildmay, and thus stamping Rev. Peter1 Thacher of Queen Camel as a Puritan of the deepest dye. Sir Walter Mildmay was notorious as a grantee to an enormous extent of the confiscated property of the church, and even more notorious as being more puritanical than the puritans themselves. In his latter days, doubtless under the prick of a conscience not altogether dead, he disgorged a trifling portion of his ill-gotten wealth by the foundation of Emanuel College of the University of Cambridge. This college has a portrait of him painted for it in 1588; and the ring, a present from the great Queen Elizabeth, which he represented as wearing in the portrait, is still in the possession of a descendant of his elder brother. Such being the character of the patron of the living, there can be no doubt as to the puritanism of Rev. Peter1 Thacher of Queen Camel, the recipient of the benefice.

The following is an extract from the First Fruits Composition Book (Subsidy Rolls) referring to Rev. Peter1 Thacher of Queen Camel, viz.:

"16th February--17th Elizabeth
Somerset. Este Cammell in the gift of Sir Walter Mildmay, Knight
Peter Thatcher, clerk, compounded for the First Fruits of the Vicarage aforesaid valued at ?17. 16sh 10?d. a tenth thereof 35sh. 8d.
Michaelmas. 1575
Annunciation. 1576
Michaelmas. 1576
Annunciation. 1577
16li. 9?d.

William Doddington of the Middle Temple, London, gent., and Leonard Doddington of the household of Sir Walter Mildmay, Knight, are bound."

This document shows that Rev. Peter1 Thacher of Queen Camel on the 16th day of February in the 17th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth paid 35sh and 8d. down as part payment of the tax assessed of ?17. 16sh 10?d. on the living of the Vicarage of Queen Camel bestowed upon him by Sir Walter Mildmay; and the bondsmen named guaranteed that he would pay the remainder in four installments, amounting in total to ?16 9?d., on the dates above mentioned.

We thus see Rev. Peter1 Thacher installed as Vicar of Queen Camel, December 4th, 1574, and there he remained as Vicar until his death, the exact date of which is unknown, but which must have occurred before May 7th, 1624, the date of the appointment of his successor who was appointed after his death.

The British Gazeteer thus describes Queen Camel:

"A parish in the hundred of Cabash in Somerset; 5 miles east if Ilchester, its post town on the river Camel. Formerly a market town of some importance. The living is a vicarate in the Diocese of Bath and Wells; church name St. Barnabas. A hill in the town commands a fine view; forty-one towns and villages may be seen from it."

Where Rev. Peter1 Thacher was born has not yet been discovered, nor the exact date of his birth; but he must have been born as early as 1549, and possibly as early as 1545, in order to have been Vicar of Queen Camel in 1574. The laws of the Church of England at that time (and possibly also at the present time) required that a candidate for orders in the church should be over twenty-three years of age to be ordained a deacon; and also decreed that he could not be ordained a full priest until two years thereafter. Assuming, therefore, that Rev. Peter1 Thacher was installed as Vicar of Queen Camel shortly after taking his orders as a priest, he must have been at least twenty-five years old on December 4th, 1574; and hence he was born at least twenty-five years previous to that date, or in 1549 at the latest, and probably a few years earlier. Where he lived previous to his installation at Queen Camel is not known. The existence of a large settlement of Thachers in Somerset in the 16h Century points to the possibility of that being the county of his birth, as well as of his residence; but we have no positive proof that such was the case. The presentation to him by Sir Walter Mildmay of the living of Queen Camel, and his First Fruits Compositon bond having been signed by a member of Sir Walter's household, points to the possibility that he was well known to Sir Walter; and he may have been born and have resided in the vicinity of Sir Walter's home and may possibly have been his relative; investigation along this line of suggestion may result in further information on the subject, which time has prevented my doing. The exact date of his death is also unknown; but he died previous to May 7th, 1624, on which date his successor was appointed "per mortem" Peter Thatcher. Where he was buried is also not a matter of record in any form or shape; but as he was Vicar of St. Barnabas' Church for 50 years, it is almost positive that he was buried in that church; especially so as his son and family are there buried, as is proven by gravestones still there to their memories. When he married and to whom is also unknown; in fact we have not one item of information in regard to his wife. That he was married, however, is known as the Diocesan transcript of Queen Camel Register gives the record of the burial at Queen Camel on August 3d, 1602, of Giles, son of Peter Thacher. Rev. Peter1 Thacher's 1st child, Rev. Peter2 Thacher of Salisbury (i.e., 1st child of whom we have definite record) was born 1587-8.

Assuming Rev. Peter1 Thacher to have been at least 25 years of age when installed at Queen Camel in 1574, he would have been 38 years old at the date of birth of his first known child; an age so advanced as to suggest the birth of children previous to 1587-8, of whom we have no record. It is, therefore, possible that Giles2 Thacher and Thomas2 Thacher may both have been born previous to this date.

Rev. Peter1 Thacher was at Queen Camel as Vicar 1574-1624, full 50 years; and he must have kept some sort of register of his parish during that long time; but it has disappeared. The first entry of the earliest existing register of that parish is 1629, subequent to the death of Rev. Peter1 Thacher. The Diocesan transcript at Wells of the Queen Camel Register contains no entries previous to 1601; and thence on to 1623, inclusive all of the entries therein are signed "Peter Thacher, vicar;" but none of these entries throw any light upon his marriage, nor in any way give any record of his wife. 
Thacher, Rev. Peter (I6144)

"The Lord Knowth them that are his"

Balch, Daniel Herbert (I109664)
Caroline Thacher & the Rev. John Philander Perry

Henry Thacher, son of Peter, organized the second temperance society in America. He was a prominent man in Yarmouth, Massachusetts and was a representative to the General Court at Boston. He married Elizabeth Gray of Yarmouth on Nov. 25, 1802. Elizabeth was the daughter of Capt. Joshua Gray, who commanded a company of minute men which marched towards Marshfield in 1775, and his wife Mary Hedge.

Henry and Elizabeth Thacher had 12 children, but only 4 would live long enough to marry.

Eliza Jane born July 25, 1803 married Nathaniel S. Simpkins May, 1824. She died Aug. 30, 1836 at age 33, just 2 months after the birth of her 4th child.
Henry Gray born April, 1805, was a storekeeper and died unmarried at age 27 on Jan. 10, 1833.
Winslow Lewis born June 27, 1807, also an unmarried storekeeper, died Apr. 14, 1834 at age 26.
Mary Burr born Nov. 7, 1809 died Nov. 9, 1827 at age 18.
Sally born Dec. 22, 1811 died Mar. 19, 1826 at age 14.
Maria Edith born April, 1814 died unmarried at age 23 on Aug. 31, 1837.
George born Dec. 7, 1816 died Dec. 31, 1835 when he was 19.
Thomas born June 19, 1819 married (1) Mary Gorham Hallett (2) Catherine Worcester and lived to age 77. He died May 15, 1897.
Charles born Dec. 2, 1821, died at age 32 months and 20 days, Aug. 21, 1824.
Caroline, the subject of this blog, was a twin. She was born Oct. 6, 1824, married Rev. John Philander Perry and died at age 43 years in April, 1868 of consumption.
Cornelia her twin, born Oct. 6, 1824 died at age 21 months on July 20, 1826.
Charles, the youngest was born Oct. 6, 1829 and baptized Charles Thacher but after the death of his brother, Henry Gray Thacher and his father Henry Thacher, both who died in 1833, his name was changed to Henry Charles Thatcher by the Massachusetts Legislature. He married Martha Bray and died at age 70 on Apr. 28, 1900.

Caroline lived in Yarmouth and Boston, Massachusetts. Before her marriage she was an author of children’s books, one which was entitled Morning Ride. When she was twenty-eight she married the Rev. John Philander Perry of New Ipswich, New Hampshire. They were married by the Rev. Thomas Worcester in Boston, on April 28, 1853.

John Philander Perry born Feb. 23, 1819, was the son of Chauncey Perry and Abigail Stearns. Four of their sons became clergymen and two became lawyers in Brooklyn, New York. “Their aged father, having assisted his sons to a liberal education, could review with proud satisfaction their honorable careers.”

John Philander, though hampered by imperfect eyesight, graduated Dartmouth College in 1842.

After their marriage the couple lived in Yarmouthport. In 1853 Rev. Perry was settled as pastor of the Swedenborgian Church at Yarmouthport, Massachusetts, where he remained until his retirement in 1870.

The Rev. John Philander and Caroline (Thacher) Perry had 2 sons.

Infant son / still born Jan. 20, 1854
Infant son / still born May 22, 1855.

John Perry was apparently an acquaintance of Ralph Waldo Emerson. I found this in The Letters of Ralph Waldo Emerson: 1860-1869 ...

To John Philander Perry, September 17, 1861

17 September 1861

Dear Sir,
I have received your note containing your kind and hospitable invitation that I should come to your house on the 27th instant, which I accept with much pleasure.

With thanks,
Yours respectfully,
R.W. Emerson

The addressee is the Reverend John Philander Perry, first minister of the Society of the New Jerusalem and a director of the Union Library, which was apparently also a club (History of Barnstable County, Massachusetts, ed. Simeon L. Deyo). The letter was originally owned by Perry's granddaughter, Margaret P. Stimmel.

This photograph of Carrie Thacher is dated June 1862. She is 38 years old and looks ill, but she would live another 5 years.

The photograph of J. P. Perry is taken a couple of years later in 1864, when he would have been 45.

Caroline died of consumption in Yarmouth, Massachusetts in April of 1868, at age 43 years 5 mos. and 27 days.

John Philander Perry married a 2nd time to Emma Rusch, born circa 1835 in Elsinore, Denmark.
They had 3 children; 2 sons and 1 daughter:

John Cromwell born Dec. 29, 1870 married Feb. 21, 1899, to Ester C. Skinner and resided in Los Angeles, CA. (4 children)
Chauncey Rusch born May 6, 1872 married Jun. 21, 1896, to Mabel Tuttle. (4 children)
Emily Stearns born Dec. 18, 1873. She was an artist and lived in Los Angeles, CA.

John Perry’s later years were passed in “the place most dear to him,” New Ipswich, NH. He died July 30, 1886 in New Ipswich, Hillsborough, NH, at age 67.

Note: Of special interest were these items passed down through the Thacher family that are mentioned in Frederick Freeman’s book The History of Cape Cod (1862) …

“Relics are less frequently found among the representatives of ancient families on the Cape than might be expected; but we recollect having seen with in a few years, at the house of Mrs. Peter Thacher, a cradle about 200 years old, ingeniously made of oak by Col. John Thacher, a father of 21 children; and also the scarlet blanket in which the infant of Mr. Anthony Thatcher was wrapped when drowned by the wreck at Thacher’s island near Newburyport, in 1635. The cradle and blanket above referred to were left by will to Peter Thatcher of Hyannis, MA., and by him were disposed to Mr. *Henry C. Thacher of Yarmouth, MA.”

*Henry Charles Thacher was the youngest brother of Caroline.


The History of Cape Cod by Frederick Freeman
Thacher - Thatcher genealogy
Genealogy, and biographical sketches of the descedants of Thomas and Anthony Thacher by David W. Allen
The NY Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol. 45
The Letters of Ralph Waldo Emerson: 1860-1869 by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Family F2536


Kreutz, Richard A. (I55)

George W. Thacher, 6th Reg. M.V.M., born June 16, 1837 ; died at Port Delaware, Del., Sep. 13, 1864.

Thacher, George Williams (I117996)
Pennsylvania Church and Town Records, 1708-1895. Hand written records of the Broad Street United Methodist Church. 
Family F2455
9  Source (S231)
10 98 years Thacher, Rebecca Winslow (I103934)
11 He married Thelma Hayes in 1949 and had two children. Both children are deceased one son died in infancy.  Family F7931
12 Joseph Thacher Thacher, son of Colonel Joseph, was born May 19,1744, at Yarmouth, and died in the revolutionary army 1778, Kings Ferry, Cayuga, NY). He married Susannah Whelden (1742 Yarmouth ? 1783). Joseph Thatcher?s mother Ruth Hawes was te daughter of Ebenezer Hawes and Sarah Norton who were ancestors of Oliver Webber?s wife Abigail. Thacher, Joseph (I103421)
13 Louis C. Malsch was a carpenter by trade Malsch, Louis C. (I369)
14 On the 13th inst. died at Attleborough, in the 70th year of his age, the Rev. Mr. PETER THACHER, pastor of the second church in that town. En[dowed] by the great author of nature with respectable abilities, he early devoted them to the service f God in the ministry: In this employment he placed his highest satisfaction, and while he discharged its duties with strict punctuality and temperate zeal, he acquired the esteem and respect of all who were acquainted with his character. Strongly attached to the peculiar doctrines of the gospel, he held them up in the clearest and most explicit terms; but he never suffered this attachment to prejudice his mind, or embitter his conduct towards those who differed from him. His warm and exemplary piety evidenced that the religion which he preached to others, had made a real impression upon his own heart; and his inflexible integrity compelled the respect of his enemies, while his warm benevolence, and open, hospitable temper, conciliated the affection of his friends. Under long and distressing infirmities, which for two years past, have prevented his attendance upon the public duties of his profession, he exercised the greatest patience and resignation, and died as he lived, in the firm faith of the gospel, and a joyful hope of its future and eternal rewards.

Rev. Peter Thacher, 3rd child and eldest s. of Rev. Peter Thacher, Jr. and Mary Prince, b. of record Jan. 14, 1715/6 (g.s., Jan. 25) at Middleborough, Mass. He d. Sept. 13, 1785 at Attleborough, Mass., ? 70. He was the longstanding pastor of the 2nd Congregational Church of Christ at Attleborough.

[Note: the 11 day difference between Peter's recorded date of birth at Middleborough, Mass. (Jan. 14th) and his stated date of birth on his gravestone (Jan. 25th) is the result of Peter's family misunderstanding the result of England's conversion from the Julian to modern Gregorian calendar in 1752. The 11 day difference between the Julian and Gregorian calenders was corrected on a one-time only basis by the day following Sept. 3, 1752 being Sept. 14, 1752. It did not require any other adjustment to a prior or future date in the English calendar.]

On Nov. 30, 1749 at Attleborough, Rev. Peter m. Bethiah Carpenter, dau. of Dea. Obadiah and Bethia (Carpenter) Carpenter, b. Dec. 6, 1729 at Attleborough. She d. Jan. 27, 1793 at Attleborough, ? 64. They had the following ten children b. of record at Attleborough:

1. Mercy Thacher, b. Dec. 16, 1751, d. Jan. 14, 1835 at Harford, Susquehanna County, Penn.; m. by intention pub. May 14, 1768 at Attleborough, John Tyler, Jr., s. of Capt. John Taylor and Anna Blackington, b. Apr. 15, 1746 at Attleborough. He . May 22, 1822 at Ararat, Susquehanna County, Penn. Nine children b. of record at Attleborough.

2. Dea. Peter Thacher, 4th, b. Oct. 21, 1753, d. Dec. 4, 1814 at Attleborough (g.s.); m. by an intention pub. Mar. 4, 1778, Nanna Tyler, sister of his sister Mercy's husband, b. July 14, 1754 at Attleborough. She d. Jan. 17, 1816 at Attleborouh (g.s.) Four children of record at Attleborough.

3. Thomas Thacher, b. Nov. 24, 1755.

4. Obadiah Thacher, b. July 30, 1757.
5. Capt. John Thacher, b. Oct. 25, 1759; m. Dec. 7, 1780 at Attleborough, Sarah Richardson. Seven children recorded at Attleborough.

6. Mary Thacher, b. Mar. 24, 1762.

7. Bethiah Thacher, b. Mar. 27, 1764; m. Aug. 28, 1790 at Attleborough, Noah Blanding.

8. Dea. Moses Thacher, b. Aug. 15, 1766; m. Apr. 1, 1793 at Attleborough, Sarah Read. Two children recorded at Attleborough, but was living at Harford, Penn. in 1814. He likely had two additional wives.

9. Samuel Thacher, b. Oct. 28, 1768; m. Feb. 4, 1793 at Attleborough, Betsey Carpenter, dau. of Daniel Carpenter and Elizabeth Tyler, latter sister of his sister Mercy and brother Dea. Peter's spouses, b. Mar. 28, 1772 at Attleborough. One chid recorded at Attleborough.

10. Nathan Prince Thacher, b. Feb. 13, 1771, d. an infant Sept. 19, 1771.

The Continental Journal and Weekly Advertiser, Boston, Mass., Sept. 22, 1785, Vol. IX, Issue 500, Page 3. 
Thacher, Rev. Peter (I104520)
15 Parents:
James Woods (1793 - 1880)
Elizabeth McKnight Woods (1794 - 1873)

Margaret Thatcher Woods (1821 - 1894)* 
Woods, James (I118844)
16 ""Died by sunstroke in Marysville, Ca." Thacher, Otis Obadiah (I116424)
17 "A Twentieth Century History of Cass County," by L. H. Glover, Lewis Publishing Company, NY/Chicago, 1906 gives birth date as 30 Jan 1851; gravestone says 1855. Excerpt from the above source: "He was married in 1874 to Miss Mary E. Fenton, who died in March, 1884, leaving four sons, the youngest being about sixteen months old. These were: Sylvester F., who is now a resident of Portland, Oregon; Nelson K, deceased; Holester W., also living in Portland; and Ernest M., who was a soldier in the United States army and died in the Philippine Islands. After losing his first wife Mr. Thatcher was again married in 1896, his second union being with Lillian S. Brody, the widow of Frank White and a daughter of Hugh and Annie Brody. Her parents and grandparents were pioneer residents of Cass county and she was horn upon the farm on section 20, Penn township, where she has spent the greater part of her life. Mr. Thatcher came to Cass county in 1895. He afterward went to North Dakota, locating at Sheldon, where he accepted a clerkship in a general store. On the expiration of that period he returned to Cass county and located on the farm where he now resides, purchasing the interest of the old Brody homestead from the other heirs...." Thatcher, Nelson Eugene (I117504)
Name: David Best Latimer
Gender: Male
Christening Date:
Christening Place:
Birth Date: 18 Nov 1897
Birthplace: Madison, Dane, Wisconsin
Death Date:
Name Note:
Race: White
Father's Name: Harry D. Latimer
Father's Birthplace: Wisconsin
Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Anna May Best
Mother's Birthplace: Illinois
Mother's Age:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00310-3
System Origin: Wisconsin-EASy
GS Film number: 1302859
Reference ID: item 2 p 580

SOURCE: Wisconsin, Birth Index, 1820-1907
Source [link]:
Was a Col. in WW-I.
Attended the U.S. Military Academy, at West Point, NY. (1918).

SOURCE: "Official Register of the Officers and Cadets", by United States Military Academy, 1918, pages 50, 75.
Souce [link]:
Latimer, Col. David Best (I119944)
19 "Burt" was the son of Leonard and Alida (Shoemaker) Isenhour. He married Atha Purdy, and they lived on and operated a farm on Algerine St. in the Town of Hopewell in a rare and architecturally pleasing cobblestone farmhouse. They had two daughters - Doris born 1914 and Alberta born 1916.

1920 Census for Hopewell Twp, Ontario Co., NY:

Head: Burt Isenhour, age 44, New York
Wife: Atha Isenhour, age 28, New York
Daughter: Doris Isenhour, age 5, New York
Daughter: Alberta Isenhour, 3, New York
Cousin: Louis Newman, age 52, New York 
Isenhour, Robert DeWitt (I1695)
20 "Edward B. Hallett died May 1, 1875 aged 44 ys. 21 ds." Birth calculated. Hallett, Edward Bangs (I110395)
21 "Effidale Adelaide Stubblefield, age 91 of Shelton, Nebraska died on Monday, July 11th at the Good Samaritan Nursing Center in Wood River, Nebraska. She was born on January 26, 1903 at Shelton, the daughter of William and Katherine (Vohland) Haug. She graduated from Shelton High School and attended Nebraska Wesleyan University. She taught school for several years and worked at Hosteler’s Variety Store. She married Dale Stubblefield on August 12, 1925. She was active in the Methodist Church, and 4-H Rural Youth Groups. They hosted exchange students. She was past President of WSCS, past State President of Republican Women and Nebraska Farm Bureau Women, and was an enthusiastic member of Toastmistress International. She is survived by one daughter, Jeanne Whitefoot, and one son Bob, both of Shelton. Seven grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and a sister, Marie Hibberd of Lexington. She was preceded in death by her husband and one brother." Haug, Effidale Adelaide (I1470)
22 "Harold Thacher
The funeral services of Harold Thacher, aged 18 years, who died at a private sanitarium Tuesday morning, will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the residence, 418 E. Georgia Avenue, and interment will be in Westview Cemetery. His late school mates will act as pallbearers. They are Marcus M. Clayton, Lyman H. Jones, Charles Boatenreider, Jr., Jon M. Hudson, John McCarth, and Homer Johson. Rev. Dr. Farland, of All Saints will officiate."
The Atlanta Constitution 10/7/1909 (Thursday) 
Thacher, Harold Hervey (I112482)
23 "Here lies the remains of Mrs. Remember Thacher the amiable wife of Mr. John Thacher, who died April 26th 1795, aged 37 years."

John Thacher was married to Remember Freeman of Sandwich on July 28, 1785. --- Barnstable, MA: Vital Records 1625-1903, Vol 3, page 295 
Freeman, Remember (I103637)
24 "In memory of Miss Martha Thacher dautr of Mr. Jethro & Mrs. Hannah Thacher of Lee, who died August 4th 1806 in the 23d year of her age. See youthful bloom death laid me down Here to wait the trumpets sound, Repent, repent now you have time For I was taken in my prime." Thacher, Martha (I103627)
25 "In memory of Mr. James Thacher of Barnstable son of Mr. John & Mrs. Remember Thacher. He was drowned Sept 1st 1821 aged 32 years. Tread softly on the hallowed ground, Some friendly spirits hover round, And seem to whisper as they fly That life is short, man's born to die." Thacher, James (I103639)
26 "In memory of Mr. Richard Jackson who died Janry 2d 1802 aged 41 years."

Contributor Buddy Jackson, Richard Jackson's ggg grandson, provides this additional information: Richard was baptized 16 Nov 1760 in Boston. He was the son of Joseph Jackson and Abigail Mulberry and grandson of Joseph Jackson and Elizabeth Billings.

Richard married Elizabeth Bacon on 22 Jan 1785 in Barnstable. Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward Bacon and Lydia Gorham. Richard and Elizabeth were the parents of Joseph, John and Benjamin William Jackson.
Jackson, Richard (I105793)
27 "In memory of Thomas Sturgis son of Thomas & Elizabeth Sturgis, died Sept. 6th 1792 aged 16 months. Sleep on my babe & take thy rest, God called you home he saw it best." Sturgis, Thomas (I108308)
28 "Jonathan Gulliver - he and four siblings, children of Anthony, are recorded under the surname of "Gulliford" in the Dorchester records." [Thanks to Don Blauvelt, 7/15/2015].

Jonathan's "...2nd wife was Theodora Thacher, dau. of Rev. Peter Thacher [who married them] and Theodora Oxenbridge...." [Thanks to Don Blauvelt, 7/15/2015]. 
Gulliver, Jonathon (I115109)
29 "on Friday about noon" Thacher, Hon. Col. John (I1536)
30 "On the morning of the 19th inst., in the 43d year of her age, Mrs. Ann P., wife of Samuel Hunter. Her friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, at the residence of her husband, No. 210 Green street, above Fifth, to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock, without further notice - to proceed to Laurel Hill."

Obit Dec. 20, 1843 Public Ledger, Philadelphia 
P., Ann (I1579)
31 "Relics are less frequently found among the representatives of ancient families on the Cape than might be expected, but we recollect having seen with in a few years, at the house of Mrs. Peter Thacher, a cradle about 200 years old, ingeniously made of oak by Col. John Thacher, a father of 21 children, and also the scarlet blanket in which the infant of Mr. Antony Thacher was wrapped when drowned by the wreck at Thacher Island near Newburyport, in 1635. The cradle and blanket above referred to were left by will to Peter Thacher of Hyannis, MA., are by him were disposed to Mr. "Henry C. Thacher* of Yarmouth, MA."
*Henry Charles Thacher, youngest brother of Caroline Thacher.
"The History of Cape Cod" by Frederick Freeman
"Thacher - Thatcher Genealogy" by Totten
"Genealogy and Biographical Sketches of the Descendants of Thomas and Antony Thacher" by David W. Allen
The NY Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol. 45

Thacher, Caroline (I103885)
32 "Rev. Atherton Wales was the son of [Elder] Nathaniel, and his fifteenth child. He was born March 8, 1704. He graduated at Harvard College in 1726 and became pastor of the Second Church at Marshfield. He died in 1795. He was married three times: first, to Mary, daughter of Rev. Samuel Niles; and, second, to Mary, daughter of Rev. Peter Thacher, of Milton, son of the pastor of the Old South Church. (The name of the third wife is unknown to the author.) General Atherton Wales was their son."

- John Daggett, 'A sketch of the history of Attleborough' 1894 
Wales, Rev. Atherton (I534)
33 "Sunday, at 3 of the clock." Thacher, Rev. Peter (I104436)
34 (13-7-1766) Howland, Capt. Nathaniel (I105154)
35 (9-6-1705) Howland, Capt. Nathaniel (I105154)
36 (gravestone says Sep 1798) Thacher, Solomon (I103501)
37 (or 12 Apr 1833) Thacher, Harrison O. (I103671)
38 (or 7 Mar or 17 Mar) Thacher, Col. Judge John (I768)
39 (or on Nantucket Island) Vincent, Joseph (I103510)
40 (United Press Dispatch) ROME, April 8. A former Albanian minister is declared to have instituted the murder of ' Robert Coleman of San Francisco and George De Long of New York, for the purpose of embarassing Albania in its relations with the League of Nations.

SAN FRANCISCO. April 8. The bodies of Coleman and De Long, prominent Sun Franciscans killed by Albanian bandits, will be brought here directly for burial.

TIRANA, Albania. April 8. Throngs met the cortage bearing | the bodies of the two murdered Americans. The entire city is mourning. It is thought the dead were mistaken for Albanian diplomats and killed by political plotters.

Madera Tribune, Number 132, 8 April 1924 
Coleman, Robert Lewis Sr. (I110810)
41 ** Date of newspaper is not always the date of the incident - this was a weekly, and stories were written, set, and the printing was done after the facts were typeset, often days later.

Chico Weekly Chronicle-Record, Saturday, June 25, 1892, pg 3 col 1: The funeral of Squire Hallet will take place at 10 o’clock today. Father Leaman will deliver the funeral sermon.
Chico Weekly Chronicle-Record, Saturday, June 25, 1892, pg 3 col 3: Death of Squire Hallet. Yesterday afternoon Andrew Hallet, one of Chico’s oldest inhabitants and a pioneer of ’49, breathed his last at the residence of his brother Harry in this city, at the ripe old age of 78 years, 6 months and 1 day. Deceased was born near Yarmouth, Massachusetts, December 21st, 1813. At the age of 18 he removed from his boyhood’s home to Boston, where he went into a mercantile business. After a few years spent in Boston Mr. Hallet went to sea on board a merchant vessel and followed the sea for several years. Quitting his sailor life deceased went to the then far West, Toledo, Ohio, where he remained about three years. From there he returned to his old home and became one of the editors of the Yarmouth Register. This was about 50 years ago. For a few years he was connected with the New York, Boston and Newport fast steamship line.

Andrew Hallet came to California in 1849 and went into the gold mines. For several years he dug the precious metal and lived the hardy life of a miner. In 1858 he came to Chico, and has resided here continually since that time. For about 25 years the deceased was a Justice of the Peace in and for this township and is known all over Northern California as “Squire” Hallet. For the past 8 years he has been an invalid and for him death is a surcease from his sufferings.

The funeral will take place Friday forenoon at 10 o’clock from the residence of Henry Hallet, and the remains will be interred in Chico cemetery.
Chico Enterprise Weekly, Friday Evening, July 1, 1892, pg 1 col 5: Funeral of Andrews Hallet. The funeral of Andrews Hallet took place this forenoon from the residence of his brother, Harry. Quite a large number of citizens, some of them acquaintances of the deceased for the past quarter of a century were present. The services were conducted by Rev. J.T. Murrish, assisted by the venerable Father Leaman, who delivered a eulogy on the deceased, portraying his kindness of heart, honest of purpose, and his strong religious convictions. The venerable gentleman, now in his ninetieth year, grew eloquent as he spoke of the many virtues of the deceased, and the confidence in the hope that he would meet him in the better land.

Mrs. Z.W. Burnham, who as a girl sang with the deceased in the church choir, twenty years ago, was present, and sang two beautiful solos, with Mrs. Broyles as accompanist.

The pall-bearers were Col. Henshaw, Col. Batchelder, Judge Warren, A.H. Crew, J.M. Hoyl, Judge Harmen Bay, E.A. Warren and George Hamlin.

A long line of carriages followed the remains to the grave, and the last of an honored citizen and kind friend were laid to rest.
"Hallet, Andrews – white, single, age 78 yr, 6 mo, b Mass., d. 23 Jun 1892 in Chico Ca., & vicinity." Source: Earliest Death and Burial Records, in the Butte County Courthouse, published serially in the Paradise Genealogical Society's publication, The Goldmine, Vol 6, No. 1, pg 8. 
Hallett, Andrews (I108858)
42 *Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915
name: Ansell C. Collins
gender: Male
baptism/christening place: , DENNIS, BARNSTABLE, MASSACHUSETTS
birth date: 15 Sep 1833
father's name: Seth Collins
mother's name: Betty
indexing project (batch) number: C51041-3
system origin: Massachusetts-VR
source film number: 945518


*Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915
name: Ansel C. Collins
event: Marriage
event date: 06 Jan 1858
event place: Dennis, Barnstable, Massachusetts
gender: Male
age: 24
estimated birth year: 1834
father: Seth Collins
spouse: Olive Thacher
spouse's father: Benj. Thacher
record number: 105
digital folder number: 4279213 
Collins, Ansel C. (I104051)
43 *Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915
name: Benjamin Franklin Berry
gender: Male
birth date: 11 Aug 1831
father's name: Benjamin Berry
mother's name: Polly H.
indexing project (batch) number: C50753-1
system origin: Massachusetts-ODM
source film number: 1598030
*Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915
name: Benjamin F. Berry
event: Marriage
event date: 25 Jun 1876
event place: Yarmouth, Massachusetts
gender: Male
age: 44
estimated birth year: 1832
father: Benjamin
mother: Polly H. Coswell
spouse: Minnie L. Baker
spouse's father: John E.
spouse's mother: Maria E. Eldridge
record number: 313
digital folder number: 4279600
Publication: Barnstable Patriot; Date: Jan 8, 1895; Section: None; Page: 2
In New York- 28th ult.,at South ferry Hotel,Capt.Benjamin F Berry of South Yarmouth,late of bark Mohican,aged about 63 years.Interment at the cemetery of the First Baptist Society,South Yarmouth.

Publication: Hyannis Patriot; Date: Jan 8, 1895; Section: None; Page: 2
Captain benjamin F Berry of South Yarmouth,who died suddenly at South Ferry Hotel,New York City, December 28, of apoplexy ,was well known in maritime circles.He commanded the bark Mohican for the last 10 years on foreign voyages,and on her arrival recently sold the vessel.He was in new York preparing to enter a mercantile business when death overtook him.He was 63 years old.
additional information courtesy of RJensen in the forums. 
Berry, Capt. Benjamin Franklin (I120173)
44 *Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915
name: George E. Thacher
gender: Male
baptism/christening place: , DENNIS, BARNSTABLE, MASSACHUSETTS
birth date: 09 May 1854
death date: 03 May 1878
father's name: George E. Thacher
mother's name: Paulina
indexing project (batch) number: C51041-3
system origin: Massachusetts-VR
source film number: 945518

*Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915
name: George E Thacher
event: Death
event date: 03 May 1878
event place: Dennis, Barnstable, Massachusetts
residence: Dennis
gender: Male
age: 24
marital status: Married
occupation: Mariner
estimated birth year: 1854
father: George E Thacher
father's birthplace: Dennis
mother: Paulina Thacher
mother's birthplace: Dennis
volume/page/certificate number: v 301 p 8
digital folder number: 4221429 
Thacher, Capt. George Engs Jr. (I110532)
45 *Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915
name: Benjamin L. Berry
event: Birth
event date: 23 May 1883
event place: Yarmouth, Massachusetts
father: Benjamin F. Berry
mother: Maria S. Baker
volume/page/certificate number: 20
digital folder number: 4341200


*World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Benjamin Laurence Berry
City: Barnstable
County: Barnstable
State: Massachusetts
Birth Date: 21 May 1883
Race: White
FHL Roll Number: 1684758
DraftBoard: 43

additional information courtesy of RJensen in the forums. 
Berry, Benjamin Laurence (I120176)
46 *Massachusetts Marriages, 1633-1850
Name: Sarah Foster
Gender: Female
Spouse: Theophilus Berry
Marriage Date: 2 Sep 1797
City: Harwich
County: Barnstable
Source: Harwich town records, Harwich, MA.

*Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915
name: Sarah Berry
event: Death
event date: 09 Jun 1853
event place: Boston, Massachusetts
gender: Female
age: 76
marital status: Married
birthplace: Brewster
estimated birth year: 1777
father: Isaac Foster
mother: Sarah Foster
volume/page/certificate number: v 77 p 40
digital folder number: 4145880 
Foster, Sarah (I106400)
47 *Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915
name: Benjamin F. Berry
event: Marriage
event date: 25 Jun 1876
event place: Yarmouth, Massachusetts
gender: Male
age: 44
estimated birth year: 1832
father: Benjamin
mother: Polly H. Coswell
spouse: Minnie L. Baker
spouse's father: John E.
spouse's mother: Maria E. Eldridge
record number: 313
digital folder number: 4279600
*1900 United States Federal Census
Name: Miria S Berry
[Mirra L Berry]
Home in 1900: Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Age: 46
Birth Date: Aug 1853
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Father's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Mother's Birthplace: Massachusetts
Mother: number of living children: 3
Mother: How many children: 3
Marital Status: Widowed
Household Members:
Name Age
Miria S Berry 46
Lawrence Berry 17 (May 1883)
Hellen M Berry 13 (July 1886)
*Massachusetts Deaths, 1841-1915
name: Minnie L Berry
event: Death
event date: 02 Sep 1906
event place: Yarmouth,,Massachusetts
gender: Female
marital status: Widowed
birthplace: South Yarmouth
father: John E Baker
mother: Maria Eldridge
spouse: Benjamin F Berry
volume/page/certificate number: 500
digital folder number: 4283011

additional information courtesy of RJensen in the forums. 
Baker, Maria Louisa (I120174)
48 *Massachusetts, Deaths, 1841-1915
name: Rhoda Frances Thacher
event: Death
event date: 18 Jul 1910
event place: Brewster,,Massachusetts
gender: Female
age: 56
marital status: Widowed
birth date: 15 Oct 1853
birthplace: Massachusetts
father: Nathan N Small
mother: Rhoda Chase
spouse: Geo E Thacher
volume/page/certificate number: 224
digital folder number: 4283172
additional information courtesy of Randall Jensen #47426837 
Small, Rhoda Frances (I110533)
49 *World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: John Stanley Berry
City: Jamaica Plain
County: Suffolk
State: Massachusetts
Birth Date: 10 Oct 1880
Race: White
FHL Roll Number: 1685014
DraftBoard: 22

additional information courtesy of RJensen in the forums.

December 12, 1935
John Stanley Berry
Bass River
Age 55 years, 2 months, 2 days

additional information courtesy of Christina11 in the forums. 
Berry, John Stanley (I120175)
50 . This was the second marriage for Matthews Hallett Family F4132

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